Here is a taste of how the rides could be presented: AV4(c) | AV4(d) | AV4(e)

There is also a day adventure and a weekend ride out of Sydney, and a day adventure and multi-day ride out of Parkes central NSW. 

Draft AussieVelo touring routes will be appearing soon on the site!


AussieVelo    aims to promote bicycle touring in Australia through the development and promotion of national and regional bicycle touring routes.

These routes are to be developed in conjunction with all levels of government tourism departments, cycle touring clubs, and private businesses.

Together, AussieVelo cycle touring routes will form a connected network, connecting capital cities with places of significance and of interest to touring cyclists.

AussieVelo cycling routes:

  • may be on public roads, on cycling paths, or off road following paths and tracks.
  • will be based on nodes and segments; nodes being railway stations, airports, or major service facilities; segments being lengths of a route that may be generally ridden in one day (80-100km). A number of segments may be required to join nodes.
  • riders can start and finish anywhere, nodes provide a guide.

AussieVelo  National  cycle touring routes will provide inter-State connectivity, and circumnavigate Australia (see map for the conceptual National cycle touring network).

AussieVelo  Regional cycle touring routes will provide intra-State connectivity, and from National routes to major cycling visitor locations and activities.

Welcome (this site) provides support materials and information for organisations and supporters registered with AussieVelo. will provide information for touring cyclists including the AussieVelo routes, general touring and safety information, and links to further information.